boogie man Ldn 1622, Barnard's loop sh 2-276, Messier 78

LDN 1622 and M78 divided by Barnard's loop. Lacerta 72/432 mm ED-Apo reduced via Skywatcher 0x85 Reducer, Canon 550d astromod, Losmandy G11, phd2 144x300 s  = 12 h total,   1. + 2. of January 2020

Neukirchen am Großvenediger, Salzburg, Austria, 1100 m above sealevel, approx. bortle 2.   


Transparency was not the best due to the "snow cannons" of the lokal ski-resort, blowing out snow down in the valley all night through, which produced a slight haze in the sky and terrible big halos around stars, and even not the best dew-strap could save the lens from freezing, caused by the snow-crystals. 

So I had to drive up a bit on the mountain to get reasonable clear air. Starlink-Satelites and Ski-Resorts are making the hobby astronomer's life difficult. :)